Sunday, October 23, 2016

Romantic Hippie Fashion Gen X Style

The Romantic 70's & Hippie Fashions

The 1970's makeup trends were either wild and super-glamorous or "natural looking" which would account for all of the sun-kissed, straight-haired, "natural looking" beauties of that time.

This was a time of growing Feminism is the United States which presented women with a real problem.

Women who were considered "Liberated" didn't want to be seen as mere "sex objects"--

---but giving up makeup was a lot more difficult than expected---

Hence the rise in popularity of products that promised more "invisible" and "barely there" texture, which women were happy with.

1970's Eye Makeup

There were 3 main eye makeup styles which consisted of:  natural or barely there, soft and smokey or bold and obtrusively bright and showy.

Makeup colors were blues, greens and purples as well as earthy and muted tones. 

Brow bones were highlighted with a silver, white or nude cream and eye shadows were matte or with a frost or iridescent sheen. 

There were no hard edges in 70's makeup styles as blending and the use of multiple colors to create a soft depth around the eyes and highlighting underneath the brow bone were most popular.

Eyeliner was worn on the upper and/or lower eyelids.  Heavy eyeliner trends were favored by punks, goths, etc...WHITE eyeliner would be worn directly behind black or blue eyeliner over the upper eyelid which was also very popular with younger women and teenagers. (we've discovered that "nude" is actually one of best waterline liners).

Those who preferred "The Natural Look" usually didn't opt for an eyeliner but would use a smokey pencil or eye shadow powder to create soft definition. 

Eyeliner pencils, crayons and liquids were available in multiple colors too. Although false eyelashes were still popular, women opted for more natural lengths and lash designs---so they could better "accentuate" their natural lash spread.

The 70's fashion trends are definitely back again with super-models wearing suede and clunky platforms up and down the runways of high fashion, cosmopolitan cities all over the world but the soft and flowing 70's hippie look with a touch of lace has always been a true favorite of mine,

or the simple denim & white t-shirt ensemble that you can dress up or down...