Sunday, October 23, 2016

Romantic Hippie Fashion Gen X Style

The Romantic 70's & Hippie Fashions

The 1970's makeup trends were either wild and super-glamorous or "natural looking" which would account for all of the sun-kissed, straight-haired, "natural looking" beauties of that time.

This was a time of growing Feminism is the United States which presented women with a real problem.

Women who were considered "Liberated" didn't want to be seen as mere "sex objects"--

---but giving up makeup was a lot more difficult than expected---

Hence the rise in popularity of products that promised more "invisible" and "barely there" texture, which women were happy with.

1970's Eye Makeup

There were 3 main eye makeup styles which consisted of:  natural or barely there, soft and smokey or bold and obtrusively bright and showy.

Makeup colors were blues, greens and purples as well as earthy and muted tones. 

Brow bones were highlighted with a silver, white or nude cream and eye shadows were matte or with a frost or iridescent sheen. 

There were no hard edges in 70's makeup styles as blending and the use of multiple colors to create a soft depth around the eyes and highlighting underneath the brow bone were most popular.

Eyeliner was worn on the upper and/or lower eyelids.  Heavy eyeliner trends were favored by punks, goths, etc...WHITE eyeliner would be worn directly behind black or blue eyeliner over the upper eyelid which was also very popular with younger women and teenagers. (we've discovered that "nude" is actually one of best waterline liners).

Those who preferred "The Natural Look" usually didn't opt for an eyeliner but would use a smokey pencil or eye shadow powder to create soft definition. 

Eyeliner pencils, crayons and liquids were available in multiple colors too. Although false eyelashes were still popular, women opted for more natural lengths and lash designs---so they could better "accentuate" their natural lash spread.

The 70's fashion trends are definitely back again with super-models wearing suede and clunky platforms up and down the runways of high fashion, cosmopolitan cities all over the world but the soft and flowing 70's hippie look with a touch of lace has always been a true favorite of mine,

or the simple denim & white t-shirt ensemble that you can dress up or down...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Makeup Trends Fall 2016- Be "Fabulous & Trendy" with Just A Few New Colors!

Makeup Trends Fall~Winter 2016

Be Ultra Fabulous & Trendy with only a few new colors this year...

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It's all about "DARK" or "NONE" this 2016 fall and winter makeup season...

Rich, lip-hugging, brilliant liquid matte lipsticks in colors unimaginable this year...

OH----RED LIPSTICK- (if you're one of the lucky ones!)
 Not many can really pull off a HOLLYWOOD RED Shade of Lipstick so if YOU CAN?

---Bravo !! 

DARK or NONE as stated earlier...this deeply contoured, sculpted and drastically-highlighted makeup trend is still "fabulous and trendy"---all women love the natural- glow and radiance they achieve with these colors, tools and special makeup artistry skills.

Makeup that remind me of- "Marilyn"---big red pout -lips with the lining overdone, lifted eye areas with lots of triangles mid-brow, eyelashes tip-spiked--

---each one dying to stand out and be noticed---yet underplayed---
deprived of deep color shadow contouring---yet natural.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Next Big Makeup Trend 2016-2017



The Next Big Makeup Trend for 2016-2017

NON-TOURING is the complete OPPOSITE of "CONTOURING" and it's quickly becoming the NEW MAKEUP TREND for supermodels, celebrities and soon, every other woman on the planet.

Luckily, it isn't a difficult technique. It's basically the ultimate cure for the "overly sculpted and defined" made up face and requires absolutely NO CONTOURING at all.

The key to getting this look is opting for products that give your face a soft, dewy, radiant glow without creating all of those dramatic angles that can leave you looking sort of a like a "drag queen" if done too aggressively. 

It's all about looking natural and healthy--more like the girl next door---instead of the girl waiting to float down the red carpet.

A simple makeup style that utilizes soft highlighting techniques vs strong strobing highlights that we've witnessed over the past few years. You don't want to use heavy foundations and thick, chalky powders with this look because it's all about looking fresh and natural and you don't want your skin to appear super matte or super dry.

Opt for a lightweight tinted moisturizing base foundation with a more luminous glow.

Use a lightweight natural powder to set the base and to control excess facial oil  and powder your face from the inside outwards. There's no need to cover your entire face with makeup powder to obtain this natural makeup look.

Focus on lightly powdering only the CENTER of your face and T-Zone for the most natural appearance. Make sure that you use soft highlighters in soft, pastel colors in matte or shimmery textures and don't forget to add organic radiance creams wherever natural light hits and bounces off of your complexion.  

If your skin is light, use a frosty pink or mauve colored blush or radiance cream/powder and if your skin has a warmer and darker tone, opt for radiance creams and powders that have more a bronze or rose gold undertone.

Use neutral/natural color tones on your eyelids with a highlighted brow bone and a couple of coats of brown/black mascara that won't smudge throughout the day.

You definitely want bold eyelashes with this particular look but you don't want a heavy eye-makeup and clumpy lash look so choose a mascara with a delicate wand and tiny bristles that will help to coat upper and lower lashes individually for clean and fresh looking eyes.

You want to look healthy and radiant but you don't really want to "showcase" your application.

The goal here is to apply only what you need to enhance your natural features while looking flawless and well-rested.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Winter Wedding Dresses for 2016

Winter Wedding Dresses

Gown Collection Winter 2016

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE weddings!  I especially love wedding dresses and beautiful brides.  (I'm not so into the whole marriage thing---but I do love everything about traditional weddings and the beauty of the event).

ZUHAIR MURAD just happens to be one of my favorite fashion designers and if you're ever lucky enough to own or try on one of his wedding day creations, you'll be looking more beautiful and elegant than ever before.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

What is Micellar Water? Can I Use It To Remove My Makeup?

What is Micellar Water?

Can I really use it wash my face and remove my makeup?

If you watch television at all, I'm sure you've seen a commercial lately for Micellar Water.

What is Micellar Water anyway?  It's been around for awhile but lately it's been repurposed as a beauty must have.
Micellar Water, pronounced mi-CELL-ar, is a cluster of tiny cells of oil, or micelles, suspended in soft water. (Micellar water has been used for centuries but it's a new thing for the United States).
The micelles are attracted to facial oil and dirt and they draw out impurities from your pores without drying your skin. For this reason it can be a makeup remover, moisturizer, and facial wash all in one.
Cosmetics companies everywhere are putting out their own brand of Micellar water and market them as the best way to wash your face and remove all of your makeup gently---when you don't have access to running water. 
Micellar water originated in France and became popular at a time when they didn't have conventional plumbing which made the water very harsh.  The French used Micellar water as a water treatment for their own water supply to clean and balance it for drinking and bathing purposes.
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Now it's back again in the United States (in bottles or handy wipes) and does a really good job removing dirt and makeup, without leaving an oily residue behind.
Micellar water is fantastic when traveling, camping, during sports, etc...because you can wash your face anytime- anywhere. 

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It's also ideal for all skin types including acne prone and troubled complexions because it removes excess oil, bacteria and keeps the pores squeaky clean.  
It's not intended as a treatment for acne but it is considered good for your skin because it clarifies and hydrates--which decreases oil gland activity.