Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Incredible Facts About Your Skin

Incredible Facts About Your Skin

SKIN is the largest organ of the human body.

SKIN accounts for about 15% of your total body weight.

The thinnest skin is found on your eye lids which is normally 0.02 mm thick.

The thickest SKIN on the human body is located on the feet.

Scar tissue lacks HAIR and sweat glands.

A single BODY HAIR will grow for 2-6 years.

You normally lose about 20-100 hairs per day.

Your SKIN renews itself every 28 days.

Over 50% of the dust in your home is actually dead skin cells.

Every minute your SKIN sheds over 30,000 dead cells.

It takes 6 months for babies to develop their true skin tone.

1 out of 20 women suffer with acne; 1 out of 100 men suffer with acne.

4 out of 5 teenagers will have some form of acne.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Skin Benefits of AHA Products

Skin Benefits of AHA Products

AHA & BHA Products for Acne and Anti-Aging 

AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) are a group of organic carboxylic compounds and are most often used in cosmetics and are typically derived from food products, including glycolic acid (sugar cane), lactic acid (from sour milk), malic acid (apples),citric acid (fruits), and tartaric acid (grape wine).

In order for an AHA to be effective, it must penetrate the skin where it can act on living cells so simply put, an AHA or BHA cleanser/exfoliate/toner are going to work better for you.

In conservative concentrations (5-10%), AHA and BHA products promote exfoliation to the outermost layer of the skin accounting for the smoother texture. This relatively low concentration is very effective in treating acne, photo damage, wrinkling and melasma when used every 2-3 days.

BHA products (beta hydroxy acid) and contains salicylic acid which is also helpful for acne treatment and anti-aging properties.