Friday, November 27, 2015

Quick Fixes for Makeup Blunders for Girls on the Go!!

Simple Tips To Fix Makeup Mistakes

Have you ever been putting on your makeup and everything is going well, when suddenly, you make a huge mistake that ruins all of your effort?

Have you had to completely remove your makeup--- because without meaning to, you’ve ruined your makeup application?  Surely you have---because it happens to all of us.

I'm going to share with you will FIVE of the most common makeup application mistakes and helpful tips to get back on track without having to take it all off and start all over.


Applying too much foundation is a very common makeup mistake that we all make at some point while putting on our makeup. If you are totally made up and notice that your face is looking more like cake flour than healthy and fresh, try the following to remove the excess foundation.

Lightly moisten a clean sponge with water (the sponge should be almost dry and without any makeup residue) and sponge your face with gentle upward movements.

MAKEUP TIP:  It’s very important to avoid excess foundation and concealer around the eyes.

To remove excess makeup or powder from around the eyes, perform the same step above and afterwards use your fingertips or better yet, a good vegan concealer brush to softly blur and work out the thickness of the product in those under eye areas.

Mineral makeup spritzers and lightweight natural moisturizers can also be used in place of water to thin the foundation and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet.

It's always a good idea to apply a really good, organic moisturizer under the eyes to prime them before makeup, to decrease the chances of cakey lines around the eyes.


If you’ve put on way too much eyeshadow or it looks too dark or dramatic (especially for day wear) follow these steps to quickly fix the problem:

If your upper eyelid is too dark, use a clean vegan eyeshadow brush to blur the eyeshadow toward the outer edges of your lid to lighten the pigment. If it still looks too dark or unnatural, apply a tiny amount of any light colored, matte cream or translucent powder and work into the eyelid to blur and soften the eyeshadow intensity.

If you've applied too much shadow to the lower lid of your eyes, use a fine precision shading brush to thin and blur the shadow. You can also use a soft Q-tip to soften the color lines below the eyes.

TIP:  If you're over 45, use a soft natural toned powder (using a wet/dry brush dipped in water) and then powder to use the foiling effect as a liner for your lower lids. The goal is to make the upper eyelids and lashes VERY dramatic while keeping the area underneath the eyes clean and brightened.

Heavy, dark eyeliners are often avoided for older women as they can create a look that is too harsh and will actually make you look older. Save lower lid effects for nighttime events and evening dinners or parties.

Use a nice, natural-medium brown, grey or deep violet powder dipped in a little water to line the lower lids ---so that you can create more of a "light shadowing effect" rather than a harsh, dark liner under the eyes.

Apply just a tiny bit of mascara to the lower eyelashes (if you must) but be careful not to overdo them, unless you're going for the classic "TWIGGY" look.  Applying too much mascara or shadow to your lower eyelids will ultimately smudge more quickly for daily wear and leave you with dark circles.


If you applied too much blush, try the following:

Use a large, clean, loose powder brush and blend your blush color into the skin and upwards toward your temples.

If you find that you still look like BOZO, apply a mineral translucent or colorless powder with the same brush and work the brush gently over the applied blush color.

This way the two powders should mix, lighten the depth and clarity of the original blush color.


Using too much makeup on your eyebrows will make you look harsh and unnatural and possibly unrecognizable to yourself and others. Try the following to resolve:

Simply brush the eyebrow with a clean Q-tip, going against the grain of your eyebrows
You will see how quickly the color you initially applied disappears.

New brow filler pens on the market work best to add color and thickness to the brows without overdoing it.

Tiny vegan brush hairs allow for "fine precise application strokes"-making it almost impossible to overdo your brows.


This happens to me ALL THE TIME!

Just follow these next steps and you can quickly tidy them up.

Continue applying makeup and when you have finished and have allowed enough time for the mascara to dry completely-use a clean, damp Q-tip to erase right over the smudge.

You’ll see how it quickly disappears and you won't need to remove your eye makeup and start all over.

TIP: A useful tip to consider when applying mascara to avoid smudging --is to apply mascara to your inferior lashes first and then to your superior ones.

Make sure that you wait until each coat is completely dry before applying another coat of mascara to avoid making the same mistake again.

Also, advances in beauty products and tools have recently brought us "mascara pads" that keep the lashes off and away from the skin surface while you're applying and they really save a lot of time and frustration.

Clear Skin Minerals has a special line of professional eye makeup products and tools to give you perfect eye makeup application without a lot of mess and fuss.

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Friday, November 20, 2015


5 Tips To Improved Skin Care

Your skin is the first thing that people notice about you and that is why a proper skin care regimen is so important.

There are multiple products that claim to help improve skin tone and promote a flawless complexion but the truth is, there is no such thing as instant results.  An effective skin care regimen is one that is done consistently over time before results begin to develop.

Tip 1:  Always use some type of exfoliation product, which will help to remove old skin cells and other debris and particles from your skin. This will also expose healthy skin cells and rid your body from the old ones.

Tip 2:  If possible, avoid constant sun exposure and tanning beds. In addition to being dangerous health wise, these also lead to early signs of aging.

Everyone loves a suntan but there is no reason to sacrifice your skin or your health in order to achieve a healthy glow. These days, many individuals opt for a self-tanning lotion instead.

Back in the day, these products had a tendency to turn the skin orange, but improvements have helped to give self-tanning products a more natural, streak-free look.  Before applying the lotion to your entire body, apply it to a small test area just to make sure there is no skin irritation.

Tip 3:  If your lips tend to become chapped in the winter months or wind burned at other times, using lip balm or lipstick will help to protect the lips from nature's worst environmental conditions.

Tip 4:  Dry or cracked skin can be unbearable, not to mention the discomfort of tight red skin, this can be quite embarrassing.  A natural and organic hand & body cream will eliminate soreness and redness and help to add moisture back to the skin.

Tip 5:  Avoid products that irritate your skin, including soaps that have harsh ingredients.  If possible, use a moisturizing soap or natural cleanser which is designed for sensitive skin.

Skin care products are available over the counter or prescription based treatments. A dermatologist is often consulted for matters relating to severe acne or other skin disorders.

Many skincare enthusiasts also believe in using a generous amount of moisturizing body lotion in order to replenish the skin’s natural moisture, which is often stripped in harsh environments and temperatures.

Consult your doctor prior to beginning any skin care regimen or if you have been diagnosed with any medical disorder involving the skin.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Secrets of Professional Makeup Artists

Secrets of Professional Makeup Artists

Invest in the right tools---

Having the right makeup tools are just as important as having the right makeup and skills. Using quality brushes can make all the difference in the world when applying mineral makeup no matter what mineral products you're using.

You need the following BASIC makeup tools if you want the best mineral makeup application:

1. Foundation Brush
2. Thick Fluffy Powder Brush
3. Concealer Brush
4. Blush Brush
5. Flat Eyeshadow Brush
6. Small Blending Brush
7. Precision Angle Brush
8. Lip Brush

Always clean your brushes with a gentle soap and warm water and allow your brushes to air dry.  Try not to submerge the brush handles in water as this could cause the handles to loosen and detach.

Mix a little primer with your foundation---

You can always add primer to your regular foundation (cream or liquid) for a more translucent coverage that doesn't appear thick and cakey and will last last much longer.  Those with oily skin should apply cream or liquid foundation with a damp sponge, since a lot of cream foundations contain oil in their ingredients and using a damp sponge will pick up the pigment and leave the oil behind.

Always apply cream foundation to the center of the face first, working outwards.  The further you get from the center of the face, the less foundation coverage you'll need or want.

Conceal Your Skin Imperfections---

Opposite colors cancel each other out so use GREEN concealer to cancel out redness, inflammation, acne or tiny spider veins; Use PINK concealer to cancel out yellow, dull or sallow complexions; Use orangey colored concealers to remove blue tones (such as bruises) and under eye circles.

You can alter your face shape with the right makeup techniques and colors---

Facial contouring is the art of highlighting and shading. A makeup color that is "lighter" than the actual skin tone will make it more prominent and anything darker than the skin tone will make it recede.

Round faces can apply a shade or bronzer two times darker than the actual skin tone in the shape of the number "3" along side the face, shading the temples, the hollows of the cheeks and around the chin on each side of the face.

Large foreheads can be made to look smaller by applying bronzer or darker shade to the outer edge of the forehead and hairline.

A flat or wide nose can be contoured by shading along side the bridge of the nose starting from the inner brow area and then by using a highlighting powder or concealer down the center of the nose.

If you find that your cheeks are sagging, you can apply a highlighting powder just above the cheekbone and all the way up to your temple. Apply your blush directly on the cheekbone and then use a darker shade or bronzer in the hollow of your cheek, underneath the cheekbones.

When trying to pick out the right eyeshadow, think total opposites when it comes to the colors you choose:

Blue Eyes:  Any color with orangey undertones like gold, apricot or peach will make your blue eyes stand out more.

Green Eyes:  Any color with red undertones like deep plum and wine colors will really make your eyes pop.

Brown Eyes:  Brown is a neutral color so any color will work but the best colors for brown eyes are colors with blue or purple undertones.

How to get PERFECT lips---

Apply foundation to the entire lip area which removes the natural pigment of your true lip color for truer lip color but it can help to let you know where your actual and natural lip lines are.

Use a white eyeliner pencil and softly feather over the natural contour of the lips or use the white eyeliner to make lips fuller or thinner to draw past your natural lip line or within it.  Go over this line with a lip pencil in the same color as your lipstick and apply lipstick in a downward motion.  

Apply a light shade of your base foundation around the new lip line and blend to a soft edge around the lips with a lip brush.

Lighter lipstick colors reflect the light will give the effect of fuller lips, while darker shades absorb light to make the lips appear smaller or thinner.

TRICK:  To get a fuller "pout" apply a lip gloss to the top center portion of your lip (Cupid's Bow) and to the center of your bottom lip.

Perfect Brows----

Most women choose a color that's too dark for their brows so it's suggested that you use a color that is 2 shades darker than your hair color to fill in areas for the perfect brow.  Apply more pressure at the bottom of the brow line and feather up lightly for a more natural look.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Incredible Facts About Your Skin

Incredible Facts About Your Skin

SKIN is the largest organ of the human body.

SKIN accounts for about 15% of your total body weight.

The thinnest skin is found on your eye lids which is normally 0.02 mm thick.

The thickest SKIN on the human body is located on the feet.

Scar tissue lacks HAIR and sweat glands.

A single BODY HAIR will grow for 2-6 years.

You normally lose about 20-100 hairs per day.

Your SKIN renews itself every 28 days.

Over 50% of the dust in your home is actually dead skin cells.

Every minute your SKIN sheds over 30,000 dead cells.

It takes 6 months for babies to develop their true skin tone.

1 out of 20 women suffer with acne; 1 out of 100 men suffer with acne.

4 out of 5 teenagers will have some form of acne.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Skin Benefits of AHA Products

Skin Benefits of AHA Products

AHA & BHA Products for Acne and Anti-Aging 

AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) are a group of organic carboxylic compounds and are most often used in cosmetics and are typically derived from food products, including glycolic acid (sugar cane), lactic acid (from sour milk), malic acid (apples),citric acid (fruits), and tartaric acid (grape wine).

In order for an AHA to be effective, it must penetrate the skin where it can act on living cells so simply put, an AHA or BHA cleanser/exfoliate/toner are going to work better for you.

In conservative concentrations (5-10%), AHA and BHA products promote exfoliation to the outermost layer of the skin accounting for the smoother texture. This relatively low concentration is very effective in treating acne, photo damage, wrinkling and melasma when used every 2-3 days.

BHA products (beta hydroxy acid) and contains salicylic acid which is also helpful for acne treatment and anti-aging properties.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Exfoliation is Important


Exfoliation is Important for Good Skin Care

Lots of Reasons to make Exfoliation a part of your Skin Care routine...

Daily exfoliation improves the texture of your skin.  If your skin is rough or dry, this is an excellent way to slough off dead skin cells to remove a smoother skin texture.

Get a better shave!  If you exfoliate prior to shaving, you can get rid of dead skin cells that clog your razor and prevent you from getting the perfect shave.

*Exfoliate after shaving because freshly shaved skin shows more bumps and redness.

Anti Aging.  As your skin ages, its ability to shed dead skin cells slows way down, which is why exfoliation is necessary.

Dead and dull skin cells will accentuate fine lines and wrinkles and make skin
appear dry and flaky.

Prevents Acne.  Regular and gentle exfoliation keeps pores free of dirt and excess oils which can help to clear up blackheads and whiteheads and prevent break outs.  When your pores get clogged with dead skin cells, natural oils from your skin, mixed with bacteria, get trapped into pores, which causes a blemish.

Help your Skin Products.   Quality organic skin care products can be expensive so you want to make sure that the products are actually penetrating the top layers of your skin.

Exfoliation keeps the skin free of dirt so that your moisturizers and serums work optimally.

Improve the Look of Your Fake Tan.  Exfoliation is essential is you use spray tans or cream tanning lotions.  Exfoliation gives tanning products a smooth canvas, aids in absorption and extends the life of your tan.

EASY AT HOME Facial & Body Scrub

Here's an easy do-it-yourself scrub without all the unnecessary chemicals and preservatives. This homemade sugar scrub is made of only 4 simple ingredients that you may even have in your pantry.

DIY Coconut Sugar Body Scrub
Vanilla Coconut Sugar Scrub
1 cup raw organic sugar (or brown sugar)
½ cup extra virgin olive oil (or grapeseed or almond oil)
10 drops vanilla essential oil
1-2 tablespoons coconut oil

Mix all ingredients with a stainless spoon in a glass bowl. Add more or less oil depending on how thick you like your scrub.  Spoon into a glass container.  (Mason jars work well because their tops seal.)
Slather across skin head to toe in the shower and rinse well. Use caution as the bottom of your shower may get slippery from the oil.