Friday, June 8, 2018




JOIN our BOOMING organic powder makeup and healthy skincare revolution by signing on as an Affiliate Sales Partner with Clear Skin Minerals, Inc.


There are  absolutely NO COSTS to sign up and no obligation to participate in this program.

Unlike most other MLMs or "Multi-Level-Marketing" companies, we don't require you to purchase your own inventory and keep it around until sold ---We don't require you to handle or ship out products sold and we don't charge any sign up fees in order for you to participate.

It's EASY and SIMPLE to sign up on our website at: CAREER OPPORTUNITIES.

After signing up, you'll be sent a welcoming packaging that will better explain the process of affiliate sales programs and marketing.

You'll also receive your "Unique Affiliate Link" which must be embedded and/or pasted to any and all social media marketing posts for Clear Skin Minerals, Inc. in order for you to collect your 20% order commission, should any orders be placed on behalf of your "shared" sales post.

Our system pays a 20% commission on all of your shared marketing links ----with a 20 day cookie time frame---which basically means that if someone clicks on your post today and doesn't make a purchase today---you'll still be given credit for any order they place on behalf of your "shared post link" for up to 20 days after their first click.

Unlike a lot of beauty companies, Clear Skin Minerals, Inc. will only be offering a fixed number of Sales Affiliates over the next 6-9 months as we have high hopes to continue to build and grow this authentic organic beauty business -strictly with only those women and men ---who share the same values, missions and visions that Clear Skin Minerals, Inc. was founded upon.

Once a certain number of Sales Affiliates have been signed on and established as part of the global sales team, the company will also be offering other types of commission structures and other career opportunities within the company---all of which will be done on a remote basis.

Affiliates that JOIN THE NETWORK now ---will be categorized in our CSM1 Category and will be given first notice of any new developments and/or any or other career opportunities that become available within the company.


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