Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tips For Weight Loss That Really Work


drink water-16 oz 1/2 hour before all meals-you'll eat fewer calories throughout the day and lose 44% more

eat eggs for breakfast-you'll eat fewer calories for next 24-36 hours-

if you don't eat eggs-any good source of high protein will do the trick!

drink coffee- preferably black-coffee---it has tons of antioxidants-and will boost your metabolism by by 4-11% throughout the day and increase fat burning-10-27% overall.

drink green tea-it's full of powerful antioxidants which enhance fat burning-with a small amount of caffeine ---the two mixed together work harder to burn more fat...

cut back on sugar- check your ingredients for sugar content

eat less refined foods-  white bread-white pasta--if you do eat--eat with high fiber foods

try a low carb low fat diet

use smaller plates and eat meals with a salad fork...

keep a food/exercise diary

keep healthy food around to snack on---fruits, popcorn, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, baby carrots, celery

brush your teeth after dinner---you'll be less likely to hit the fridge for midnight snacks

eat spicy foods- they boost metabolism and reduce appetite

do some aerobic or weight lifting activity- low weights---lots of repetitions

eat more fiber, fruits and fresh vegetables

chew your food more slowly- this alone will help you consume less calorie and increase the production of hormones linked with weight loss

get good sleep

eat more protein-you'll eat 450 less calories daily

don't drink your calories
(sugary drinks/soda may account for the rise in obesity and diabetes type II)

limit eating out because you just never know what the calorie/fat content is--

eat whole-single ingredient foods

try eating 4-5 "small meals"  a day

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