Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why Natural Makeup & Skincare Is Better

Why Natural Beauty Is Better

The Pros of Natural Beauty

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Natural Makeup and Skincare products are very different from what you're used to if you're purchasing all of your products from a high end retail or drug store.

Be prepared to be excited about these types of "handmade" products for beauty when you buy because they're nothing like anything you've ever tried before.

Natural makeup and skincare products are becoming more and more of a trend in the United States because they're effective, affordable, and they offer a much healthier alternative to what we've had to deal with in the past.  

The Pros of Natural Beauty

  • Affordable.  Always!  Don't Let Anyone Tell You Any Different...
  • Good Powder Makeup Foundation doesn't oxidize meaning it doesn't turn yellow or orange on your face and doesn't melt off before lunch time.
  • Natural Makeup doesn't settle in the lines and sits on top of the skin's surface therefore it doesn't absorb into your skin pores.
  • If you forget to wash your natural makeup off before bed, there are really no bad consequences.
  • Great natural makeup can be used in a dry or wet (foiled) state for extreme drama.
  • Great natural makeup never goes bad if it's properly stored and kept cool.


  • Fresh!  Most (not all) natural beauty products are handmade and packaged fresh for you. These products do not contain sophisticated chemicals and toxins. Products aren't sitting on a shelf somewhere for years waiting for you to purchase them so there isn't a need to fill them with all of the unhealthy ingredients that are used--- only to preserve their shelf life for profit.
  • Natural!  It can be confusing at times to tell the difference between "organic" and "natural" as a lot of beauty companies use the term "natural" to describe products that really aren't.  A new term, "all-natural" has recently surfaced to describe those products that are in fact, "truly organic" with absolutely no preservatives or chemicals in the mix.
  • Truly Organic!  Truly organic products contain only those ingredients that are "living" and therefore are really "all-natural".  They don't contain preservatives, chemicals or other toxins and in most cases are safe for all people including children.  For example, I could stir up a tablespoon of my foundation powder in a glass of water and drink it ---and my body would metabolize it as a natural substance without worry of  being poisoned 
  • Effective!  I've found that most natural beauty products are way more effective than anything I've ever tried from a large retail company.  I used to spend a lot of money at high-end retail stores for the latest and greatest foundation or moisturizer but I've found that there is absolutely no comparison to organic products, when it comes to effectiveness.  

Natural makeup and skincare products usually contain key natural ingredients that heal and protect the skin and perform ten times better than retail products.  

Natural skincare products are always more effective because they're not watered down and cut with cheap fillers and chemical-laden ingredients.

Just because a major retail beauty company claims that their product contains "aloe" or "hyaluronic acid" doesn't mean that it's going to be any more effective than the brand that doesn't use these ingredients, simply because these ingredients are 1-2% of the product---don't offer the results that you're seeking.

Truly organic beauty contains raw "all-natural" ingredients that aren't cut with other unhealthy chemicals and preservatives and you'll find that when an organic product claims that their products contain aloe or white willow bark, you can be assured that there is a very high concentration of these ingredients in the product, therefore giving you the results that you desire the very first time you try them.

Ditch the Chemicals and try a real natural beauty product today!  

I promise you that once you try these products, you'll never go back to high-end retail for a solution.


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