Thursday, November 2, 2017

Shorter Hairstyles Are Coming Back in 2018

Short Hairstyles Make A Comeback in 2018-2019

Sexy Shorter Hairstyles for 2018


I'm sure you've noticed that almost every woman you see in Hollywood has an incredibly long hairstyle these days.

A lot of women have literally gone to "great lengths" to grow their hair much longer than ever before---and those who can't achieve this kind of hair growth have resorted to purchasing lace front wigs and human hair extensions to get the styles that we see everywhere--and sometimes it's impossible to tell the difference because wigs have come a long way in the last 10 years.

We can't say that we were at all disappointed to hear that shorter hairstyles will be making a huge comeback in the years to come because shorter hairstyles are definitely easier to take care of and can be a lot more fun!  

Shorter hair can take years off your face as well as hours off your beauty routine and we find that a well done pixie or shorter shag cut makes for an effortless, healthy, cool and sexy look on just about any woman and any face shape.

We've been trolling Pinterest for the latest short styles and we've added some of our very favorites here for you and your stylist--- should you decide to make the change sooner than others.



This hairstyle is definitely one of our very favorite looks as it incorporates a blunt-cut bob with a longer-layered shag for a less conservative and sexier bob cut.  This cut can also handle light to extreme highlighting and/or coloring as the layers are long enough to really show off and bring out several different tones of color---and your hair is still long enough for an "up-do", braids, hair jewelry, combs, clasps, etc...

This style has multiple variations and can be worn a little longer or a little shorter if you prefer.  It's also a good cut for "growing your hair out" because it's so versatile and can go from natural day to glamourous night time styles so easily.




This "Blunt Cut Bob" is our second favorite short hairstyle as it's very versatile and can be worn a number of ways.  A lot of times the cut is stacked and a little shorter in the back which gives you a modern "inverted" style with more volume and thickness---while the lengths are left a little longer in front.

This cut is perfect for thinner hair and fine hair types and highlights and/or coloring look beautiful all the time. This hairstyle is a little more conservative- as it doesn't quite have that "shaggy-sexy" look but it's still a lovely and modern style for women today of all ages and comes in many different variations.





We also adore the "Pixie Cut" in shorter and longer variations. Getting a Pixie can be a very brave decision for some but once you try it, we think you'll love it.  This cut looks great on most and it's really easy to maintain if you dare to have it all chopped off.  It's also short and stylish enough for day and night and can really help to show off and accentuate your best facial features. It's also one of the most popular styles for those in Hollywood---ready to make a fashion statement!




Last but not least, we love the layered curly bob (whether blunt or inverted) for sexy and easy to care for spring and summer hair that gives anyone a lot of volume and bounce.




It's always fun to try new styles with your hair and shorter hairstyles can be really sexy too!  Just be sure to keep your layers a little longer if you want to experiment with a different "up-do" and/or hair braids for even more fun and versatility.

PS- We have incorporated parts of this blog into our new website blog and will continue to add posts on both so please follow us there at:  NATURAL BEAUTY BLOG!

We hope to see you there!

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tips For Weight Loss That Really Work


drink water-16 oz 1/2 hour before all meals-you'll eat fewer calories throughout the day and lose 44% more

eat eggs for breakfast-you'll eat fewer calories for next 24-36 hours-

if you don't eat eggs-any good source of high protein will do the trick!

drink coffee- preferably black-coffee---it has tons of antioxidants-and will boost your metabolism by by 4-11% throughout the day and increase fat burning-10-27% overall.

drink green tea-it's full of powerful antioxidants which enhance fat burning-with a small amount of caffeine ---the two mixed together work harder to burn more fat...

cut back on sugar- check your ingredients for sugar content

eat less refined foods-  white bread-white pasta--if you do eat--eat with high fiber foods

try a low carb low fat diet

use smaller plates and eat meals with a salad fork...

keep a food/exercise diary

keep healthy food around to snack on---fruits, popcorn, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, baby carrots, celery

brush your teeth after dinner---you'll be less likely to hit the fridge for midnight snacks

eat spicy foods- they boost metabolism and reduce appetite

do some aerobic or weight lifting activity- low weights---lots of repetitions

eat more fiber, fruits and fresh vegetables

chew your food more slowly- this alone will help you consume less calorie and increase the production of hormones linked with weight loss

get good sleep

eat more protein-you'll eat 450 less calories daily

don't drink your calories
(sugary drinks/soda may account for the rise in obesity and diabetes type II)

limit eating out because you just never know what the calorie/fat content is--

eat whole-single ingredient foods

try eating 4-5 "small meals"  a day

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What's In Your Natural Makeup?

What's In Natural Makeup?

What ingredients are you putting on your skin?

We all have a few products that are labeled "natural" or "organic" but have we checked those ingredients lately?

Most "natural makeup" and "organic skincare" products only contain 50-60% of the organic ingredients advertised and the remaining 40-50% are made of man made chemical compounds.

A lot of products are labeled as "all natural" but still contain damaging, synthetic ingredients such as parabens, preservatives, talc and bismuth oxychloride.  

A lot of women experience severe facial itching and irritation from popular mineral makeup companies ---which is caused by the addition bismuth oxychloride in the formula---a chemical compound that these companies add to improve the "slip" and texture of powder and liquid makeup.

What's even more alarming is that the FDA doesn't require makeup companies to disclose "all" of the ingredients in their products ---so sometimes you never know exactly what you're putting on your face and skin.

The best rule of thumb is to check your natural makeup and skincare ingredients label and understand that the "fewer" ingredients and those you can actually pronounce, will be the better choice for skin and your overall health.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why Natural Makeup & Skincare Is Better

Why Natural Beauty Is Better

The Pros of Natural Beauty

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Natural Makeup and Skincare products are very different from what you're used to if you're purchasing all of your products from a high end retail or drug store.

Be prepared to be excited about these types of "handmade" products for beauty when you buy because they're nothing like anything you've ever tried before.

Natural makeup and skincare products are becoming more and more of a trend in the United States because they're effective, affordable, and they offer a much healthier alternative to what we've had to deal with in the past.  

The Pros of Natural Beauty

  • Affordable.  Always!  Don't Let Anyone Tell You Any Different...
  • Good Powder Makeup Foundation doesn't oxidize meaning it doesn't turn yellow or orange on your face and doesn't melt off before lunch time.
  • Natural Makeup doesn't settle in the lines and sits on top of the skin's surface therefore it doesn't absorb into your skin pores.
  • If you forget to wash your natural makeup off before bed, there are really no bad consequences.
  • Great natural makeup can be used in a dry or wet (foiled) state for extreme drama.
  • Great natural makeup never goes bad if it's properly stored and kept cool.


  • Fresh!  Most (not all) natural beauty products are handmade and packaged fresh for you. These products do not contain sophisticated chemicals and toxins. Products aren't sitting on a shelf somewhere for years waiting for you to purchase them so there isn't a need to fill them with all of the unhealthy ingredients that are used--- only to preserve their shelf life for profit.
  • Natural!  It can be confusing at times to tell the difference between "organic" and "natural" as a lot of beauty companies use the term "natural" to describe products that really aren't.  A new term, "all-natural" has recently surfaced to describe those products that are in fact, "truly organic" with absolutely no preservatives or chemicals in the mix.
  • Truly Organic!  Truly organic products contain only those ingredients that are "living" and therefore are really "all-natural".  They don't contain preservatives, chemicals or other toxins and in most cases are safe for all people including children.  For example, I could stir up a tablespoon of my foundation powder in a glass of water and drink it ---and my body would metabolize it as a natural substance without worry of  being poisoned 
  • Effective!  I've found that most natural beauty products are way more effective than anything I've ever tried from a large retail company.  I used to spend a lot of money at high-end retail stores for the latest and greatest foundation or moisturizer but I've found that there is absolutely no comparison to organic products, when it comes to effectiveness.  

Natural makeup and skincare products usually contain key natural ingredients that heal and protect the skin and perform ten times better than retail products.  

Natural skincare products are always more effective because they're not watered down and cut with cheap fillers and chemical-laden ingredients.

Just because a major retail beauty company claims that their product contains "aloe" or "hyaluronic acid" doesn't mean that it's going to be any more effective than the brand that doesn't use these ingredients, simply because these ingredients are 1-2% of the product---don't offer the results that you're seeking.

Truly organic beauty contains raw "all-natural" ingredients that aren't cut with other unhealthy chemicals and preservatives and you'll find that when an organic product claims that their products contain aloe or white willow bark, you can be assured that there is a very high concentration of these ingredients in the product, therefore giving you the results that you desire the very first time you try them.

Ditch the Chemicals and try a real natural beauty product today!  

I promise you that once you try these products, you'll never go back to high-end retail for a solution.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Top Ten Chemicals To Look For In Your Natural Makeup & Skincare Products

Top Ten Chemicals In Your Natural Makeup & Hair Care Products

The 10 Worst Chemicals in Your Beauty Products

According to the "Soil Association" there are a number of "natural" and "organic" products that contain the TOP 10 Chemicals & Toxins in your beauty products.

Currently, the "Terrible Ten" are listed below so check your new organic and natural makeup, skincare and hair care products for the following:

  • ethylhexyl salicylate
  • imidazolidinyl urea
  • octinoxate
  • octocrylene
  • homosalate
  • polyethylene glycol (PEG) -7, -12, -40, -20
  • polysorbate 20
  • polyquaternium 7
  • retinyl palmitate
  • red 17 artifical color 26100

If you can find and avoid these ingredients in your beauty routine, you're way ahead of everyone else in knowing what's really in your natural makeup and skincare products and therefore able to make more informed decisions about purchasing only those products without mention of these listed above.

#natural beauty

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

How To Apply Organic Powder Foundation

Tips for Applying Powder Foundation


Always cleanse your skin and lightly moisturize your face
---  (yes, even if you're oily...)  ☺

Allow your moisturizer to absorb and dry completely before applying powder to avoid streaking

Dip foundation brush into powder---and shake off any excess product

Apply to face in small amounts and BUFF GENTLY in small circles around the entire face

After application- check coverage and color in 3-5 minutes

You can reapply and layer coverage after the first layer has warmed up to your skin.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Second Time Around-Wedding Gowns

A Bridal Gown for Your "Second Time" 

The first time I got married, I was barely 22 years old.  I had no idea what to look for in a husband---much less the perfect wedding dress...

However, should I ever marry again (and catch up with some friends who are already on their third and fourth nuptials)---I feel sure that my choices for both will make a lot more sense to me ---and I know that I'll never think back and shake my head, saying to myself ---

"What the hell were you thinking anyway?" 

A simple, flowing and lovely dress is all I'll need for my perfect day.

Is your wedding dress still your absolute favorite choice?

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Beauty at 50-Stars Turning 50 Gracefully in 2017

Stars Turning 50 in 2017

Aging Gracefully in Hollywood

Kate Walsh

Julia Roberts

Faith Hill

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Carrie Ann Moss

Connie Britton

Pamela Anderson

Lauren Graham

Nicole Kidman

Laura Dern

Sherrie Shepard

Monday, March 6, 2017

Is Your Makeup Making You Sick? Toxic Makeup & Skincare



Is Your Makeup Making You Sick?



Phthalates are a group of chemicals that are disruptive to the endocrine system.

Your endocrine system is responsible for hormone production. Interference caused by these chemicals can lead to developmental, reproductive, and neurological damage.

These chemicals are used to plasticize your makeup products, giving them more flexibility which helps to better hold color and scent. You'll find these chemicals in everything from your deodorant to your nail polish and hairspray. 

Parabens mimic estrogen and have been detected in human breast cancer cells and tissue.

Parabens also interfere with the immune system, the nervous system and the reproduction system.

Parabens have gained a bad reputation over the years so companies have replaced them with PHENOXYETHANOL however this ingredient has many of the same harmful effects. 
Phthlates are usually classified under "fragrance" which are usually considered "trade secrets" and makeup companies do not have to reveal exactly which ingredients are included on the label.


LEAD has been removed from house paints and primers, but it's still being used in our makeup foundations, lipsticks and even in your favorite whitening toothpaste.


A recent FDA study found that over 400 popular makeup brands contained over 7.19ppm of lead in their beauty products. Lead makes it's way into your makeup products through color additives and these are absorbed by your skin and lips and directly into your bloodstream.


Whenever chemicals break down, they release a harmful formaldehyde gas which is classified as a known human carcinogen by the US Department of Health and the International Cancer Research Agency. 

Inhalation of these gases is harmful but there is no regulation on the use of these in makeup and skincare products in the United States.

Check Your Makeup Ingredients for...

DMDM hydantoin
BHUT (butylated hydroxytoluene)
diazolidinyl urea
sodium hydrozymethylglycinate
imidazolidinyl urea
quarternium-15, Quaternium-18, Quaternium-26

Japan recently banned this ingredient in cosmetics and the United States Food and Drug Administration has released a "consumer alert warning" that this ingredient can DEPRESS THE NERVOUS SYSTEM and cause vomiting and diarrhea in babies and children.


Ingredient found in makeup foundations, this is an unstable chemical --linked with endocrine disruption and thyroid disorders.

A coal tar dye sometimes listed as CL followed by a five-digit number. It’s TOXIC to the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM and contaminated with heavy metals.


This ingredient found in eyeliners, it’s linked to cancer and organ toxicity.
Look for other names such as: channel black, pigment black 6, pigment black 7, acetylene black, froflow, arogen, arotone, arovel, arrow, atlantic, and black pearls.


These chemicals are commonly used in cosmetics to smooth and moisten the products but they are known to disrupt the endocrine system and are toxic to the reproductive system.

Look for ingredient :
-siloxane or -methicone and avoid these products.

The makeup and beauty industry isn't going to give you this information so we feel that it's necessary from time to time to remind you about what you're putting on your skin and into your body.

If you're looking for natural and organic makeup and skincare products with healthy, skin nourishing ingredients and natural preservatives, you should definitely give Clear Skin Minerals a try!

Clear Skin Minerals- Healthy Makeup & Skincare

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