Monday, August 29, 2016

Next Big Makeup Trend 2016-2017



The Next Big Makeup Trend for 2016-2017

NON-TOURING is the complete OPPOSITE of "CONTOURING" and it's quickly becoming the NEW MAKEUP TREND for supermodels, celebrities and soon, every other woman on the planet.

Luckily, it isn't a difficult technique. It's basically the ultimate cure for the "overly sculpted and defined" made up face and requires absolutely NO CONTOURING at all.

The key to getting this look is opting for products that give your face a soft, dewy, radiant glow without creating all of those dramatic angles that can leave you looking sort of a like a "drag queen" if done too aggressively. 

It's all about looking natural and healthy--more like the girl next door---instead of the girl waiting to float down the red carpet.

A simple makeup style that utilizes soft highlighting techniques vs strong strobing highlights that we've witnessed over the past few years. You don't want to use heavy foundations and thick, chalky powders with this look because it's all about looking fresh and natural and you don't want your skin to appear super matte or super dry.

Opt for a lightweight tinted moisturizing base foundation with a more luminous glow.

Use a lightweight natural powder to set the base and to control excess facial oil  and powder your face from the inside outwards. There's no need to cover your entire face with makeup powder to obtain this natural makeup look.

Focus on lightly powdering only the CENTER of your face and T-Zone for the most natural appearance. Make sure that you use soft highlighters in soft, pastel colors in matte or shimmery textures and don't forget to add organic radiance creams wherever natural light hits and bounces off of your complexion.  

If your skin is light, use a frosty pink or mauve colored blush or radiance cream/powder and if your skin has a warmer and darker tone, opt for radiance creams and powders that have more a bronze or rose gold undertone.

Use neutral/natural color tones on your eyelids with a highlighted brow bone and a couple of coats of brown/black mascara that won't smudge throughout the day.

You definitely want bold eyelashes with this particular look but you don't want a heavy eye-makeup and clumpy lash look so choose a mascara with a delicate wand and tiny bristles that will help to coat upper and lower lashes individually for clean and fresh looking eyes.

You want to look healthy and radiant but you don't really want to "showcase" your application.

The goal here is to apply only what you need to enhance your natural features while looking flawless and well-rested.

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