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What is Micellar Water? Can I Use It To Remove My Makeup?

What is Micellar Water?

Can I really use it wash my face and remove my makeup?

If you watch television at all, I'm sure you've seen a commercial lately for Micellar Water.

What is Micellar Water anyway?  It's been around for awhile but lately it's been repurposed as a beauty must have.
Micellar Water, pronounced mi-CELL-ar, is a cluster of tiny cells of oil, or micelles, suspended in soft water. (Micellar water has been used for centuries but it's a new thing for the United States).
The micelles are attracted to facial oil and dirt and they draw out impurities from your pores without drying your skin. For this reason it can be a makeup remover, moisturizer, and facial wash all in one.
Cosmetics companies everywhere are putting out their own brand of Micellar water and market them as the best way to wash your face and remove all of your makeup gently---when you don't have access to running water. 
Micellar water originated in France and became popular at a time when they didn't have conventional plumbing which made the water very harsh.  The French used Micellar water as a water treatment for their own water supply to clean and balance it for drinking and bathing purposes.
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Now it's back again in the United States (in bottles or handy wipes) and does a really good job removing dirt and makeup, without leaving an oily residue behind.
Micellar water is fantastic when traveling, camping, during sports, etc...because you can wash your face anytime- anywhere. 

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It's also ideal for all skin types including acne prone and troubled complexions because it removes excess oil, bacteria and keeps the pores squeaky clean.  
It's not intended as a treatment for acne but it is considered good for your skin because it clarifies and hydrates--which decreases oil gland activity.

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